MathsJam Annual Conference

WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 12th/13th, 2016

Yarnfield Park (near Stone)



November 12th 2016

We're doing a thing! The list of talks is online here.

Registrations continue to fill up

May 19th 2016

There are now 57 people registered for the conference, of whom 15 have fully paid.

Talk submissions open

May 12th 2016

Submissions for talks for the 2016 conference are now open, and submitted titles are on the talks page.

2016 conference registration open!

May 9th 2016

You can now register for the 2016 MathsJam Weekend Conference, and more details will be added to the site as they're finalised.

Dates of 2016 conference announced

April 24th 2016

The 2016 conference will take place on 12th-13th November 2016, and once booking is opened details will be posted here.

The next MathsJam conference will take place on 12th-13th November 2016.

The talk listings and abstracts for 2016 talks can be found on the talks page, and we'll update that page with slides after the conference ends. Talks from past conferences are collated in the archive.

MathsJams are a chance for anyone to join the fun. We have people of all ages, backgrounds, education and ability. All you need is an interest in and enthusiasm for maths of all types.

The program includes:

For more information, use the links above to find out about the format, see talk titles and testimonials from previous events, or register your interest. Registering will add you to the mailing list, to be kept up-to-date with any news. Registration is free and commits you to nothing.


This is effectively a private party being organised by me. I promise I'll treat you fairly, and ask that you do the same. I promise that if you send me money then either the event will run and you'll have a place, or I'll give you your money back.

If you pay and then cancel, I will refund your money if you give me a sensible amount of notice. I will do my best to treat you fairly.

If you don't trust me, don't send me your money!