Talks for MathsJam 2012

Here are the talks we have so far for MathsJam 2012.
This list should be complete, so if you think you've submitted
a talk and your name isn't here, email
as soon as possible. There will be a short delay between
submitting the form and this being updated, so if you've only
just submitted the form, wait a day or two before emailing.

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In no particular order ...

Adam Atkinson Forming the Ice at Parties with IPv4
Jeremy Renals Why teens want to learn maths
Matt Parker Domino Computing
Colin Turing, Colouring, and NP-Complete
Joel Haddley Doubling Hypercuboids
Ben Nuttall Raspberry Pi - The £30 Computer
Hugh Hunt A load of balls
Martin Whitworth The game of Dobble
Phil Harvey How To Improve Your A Level Results
Ray Hill On fair partitions of {1,2,...,n}
Miles Gould Classifying Surfaces
Christopher Hext Red Letters and Golden Numbers
David Wilson What do imaginary roots of quadratics look like?
Donald Bell Platonic Skeletons
Peter Rowlett Preliminary investigations of a large dataset
John Read SURDS! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for ?
Tarim Theory of Mind
Mark Holland Unexpected expectations in coin tossings.
Adam Atkinson Why I like Perl
James Grime MathsJam Gets Deranged
Francis Hunt Something Interesting
Micky Bullock The Swearing Graph
Ken McKelvie "Understanding means ......"
Elizabeth Hind How to Build a Pyramid
Geoffrey Morley How to 'simply' square 'any' rectangle.
Pat Ashforth Wears the Maths
Steve Plummer What you see isn't necessarily what you get
Alistair Bird Rulers, ropes and telescopes
Phil Ramsden Controlling the Cost of Loving
Colin Beveridge The sum of -4th powers
Elizabeth A. Williams Hark, the Mathematicians Sing
Kathryn Taylor n interesting things about pi(e)
Tom Button Radius of a cube
Mark Carney wow-cards
Mark Carney universal sentences
Andrew Jeffrey Binary and Ternary Magic
Tiago Hirth Paradoxes or What we do in Portugal
Alison Kiddle n things you can do with a sheet of squared paper
Clare Sudbery The Game That Plays Itself
Colin Graham Why a capella singers go flat... or not!
Michael Carding Barely average wins GOLD
Selwyn van Zeller Galois wipes the smile off Kate Middleton
Tony Mann Schrodinger's 2-box problem
Noel-Ann Bradshaw Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hex But Were Afraid to Ask
Clive 100823
Nicholas Jackson Poincaré dodecahedral space
Paul Taylor A note on symmetry
John Bibby MathsWorldUK: the new UK Maths Museum
Christian Perfect My favourite maths book
Yuen Ng Build your own electric motor!
David Bedford The ant and the rubber band
Michael Borcherds Lobel Frames
Andrew Taylor The Duckworth/Lewis Method
Robin Houston Asexual rabbits in Lineland
Robin Houston Mazes and domino tilings
Francis Hunt Needle Cars (was "Something Interesting") - happy to stick with original title if change is a lot of work
James Eadon Mathematics puzzles: four colours on a cube